Custom Software or Hardware Design

The Robot Guy will also work with you to design custom software, HMI, SCADA, or hardware controlled interfaces. Depending on which piece of software the customer wants to use, software license purchase may be necessary.

Will design in VB.NET, C#.NET, RSVIEW, FactoryTalk View, Studio/Logix 5000, Logix 500, Seimens, B&R Automation, and others upon request.

Field Integration

Need some PLC help or someone to install extra functionality into your robot cell? The Robotics Guy can assist you in integrating new capabilities into your cells or upgrading old cells for new tricks.


Programming expertise is on Fanuc robots, specifically application robots such as paint, fiberglass, gel coat, and clear coat.

Also does programming on handling robots, palletizing robots, cutting/routing robots, and welding. Will program ABB, Motoman, Fanuc, Epson, and others upon special request.


Various training is available. Learning computer simulation software, programming training, maintenance, specific procedures such as seal changes and greasing, and even field integration. Training can be one on one or groups.

Servicing & Maintenance

Need someone to come in for yearly or monthly maintenance? The Robot Guy will help you with your maintenance needs. Whether it’s as a simple as greasing or as complex as an axis rebuild, The Robot Guy will cover your needs or train your own personnel on how to do it.

The Robot Guy also does custom manuals for maintenance and repair in the vent that the customer has special needs or a specific integrated package that is not included in the standard owner manuals.


Have a down robot costing the company dollars by the minute, or perhaps a robot that has been set aside for repairs? Give the Robot Guy a call and get your investment running and back in action.

Customers can also choose to have maintenance staff or technicians trained on the job site to repair robots.

Emergency Rescue

Got a major malfunction and need the robot(s) running ASAP? Call and get back online without losing production time.

(772) 245-7626 [722-245-robo]

Or email:


Considering buying, installing, or changing a robot cell? Get expert advise or a second opinion from someone who is not a vendor or salesman. The Robotics Guy will work with your company to assist in selecting the best avenue for profitability no matter what your application is.

Work Cell Design

Want a new work cell in the factory or a modification to an existing one? The Robot Guy can design a new cell and handle all the installation and support. The Robot Guy works with a number of professionals in the field to make sure that your cell is affordable and effective!

Installation Support

Installing a system and need an extra hand for setup, programming, or general support? The Robot Guy can help your installing go smooth and provide on-site support so that you can go from concept to production smoothly and without hiring additional staffing.

Installation Debugging

By far one of the most dreaded and unpleasant part of system integration is debugging the system during and post-installation. If your company needs professional assistance in troubleshooting new systems or just and extra man to debug your system before or after going live, call the Robot Guy or send an email.


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