3 Reasons to Contract a Robot Guy

3. Cost

Contracting a programmer or outsourcing robot services like repair saves on the bottom line. Rather than keeping a guy in-house all the time for services that are only needed sporadically, companies can contract someone for a day, few days, weeks, months, ect.

This reduces the cost of the over-all operations since no benefits are issued, liabilities, or training. The company can contract short or long term depending on the needs.

2. Experience

Robot contractors see a wide variety of applications and solutions. They are used to being highly adaptable and flexible. They also experience the a wide variety of programming needs and system needs.

1. No Bias Towards Big Clients

A common problem with integrators and vendors is that they have significant over-head costs to cover. Therefore, larger clients who have more capitol end up being preferences over smaller clients who might only have a few robots, or even single robot cells.

Contractors are not involved in system sales and therefore have no desire to appease large clients. Everyone is a preferred customer with The Robotics Guy.


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